Story time just got deep!!!!


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How Roland Rolls- By Jim Carey

Your not just a wave your a whole big wide ocean

Your not just a wave your a whole big wide ocean

We love story time. Of course! I hear you say. It is not just because of the obvious reasons like teaching children to read and how to construct sentences, no no no! all great reasons, but story time is soo much more!!

Awakening the imagination, learning about other cultures, making us aware of our moral compass and realising our own values. Scientificaly proven reading books changes our brains.

More importantly sharing a story with a child is also about connection, communication, trust, love. That is why we are super glad that the fabulous Jim Carey shares this view and has created a fabulous MUST READ book for story time with a child.

This book not only not only captures all of the above but has a deep authentic meaning that awakens you and your child to ask those BIG questions about life, that are often not discussed. It enables you to explore together your connection with life and the whole universe.

Because that’s how WE ALL ROLL!!!!! 🙂

Enjoy Jim Carey Reading this fabulous story at a book signing

NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…… go buy it!!!!!!

buy Roland Rolls here at Amazon

Click Here for How Roland Rolls website

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Kid President – Making the world a better place


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As the years go by, many things will change. If you can hold on to one thing, let it be to keep a child like perspective of looking at life & participating in life. The innocence that children possess, hold with it the wisdom of life. It is the very authentic nature of who we are.

Heres a video of a little guy who really inspires us, enjoy!! 🙂

You can find more amazing video’s by Kid President on Soul Pancake Channel

Soul Pancake Channel you tube Click here

click here for Kid Presidents amazing website and more of his inspiring footprints

Thanks for joining us 🙂


LolliBop: Kids Festival 2013 @Olympic Village


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A whole lot of fun!!!


If you havn’t already got your tickets for this years LolliBop festival, you still have time!


We think it looks fabulous!! and lots of our friends will be there to say hello !!

LolliBop on facebook: get more information here


The funny things Children say & do


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Not all little girls want to be a princess

We thought this interview with Pippa Middleton and some children at her book launch was perfect for our funny things children say & do section 🙂

ha ha

Fortunetly we have entertainment for princesses, fairies, cowgirls, pirates, superhero’s and even goblins lol

Get in touch 🙂


Magical Birthday Dust…………..based in South Norwood.

How lovely that we were contacted by South Norwood Tourist board and asked to share a little about who we are, what we do and how we got started!
Thanks @SouthNorwoodTouristBoard

South Norwood Tourist Board

It’s amazing what South Norwood has to offer it’s residents and the lucky people living near, and Magical Birthday Dust sounds like a fantastic business.
We are a children’s entertainment provider of many special occasions from birthday parties, christening’s or other children’s events. We cater our services for a wide range of needs from storytelling, face painting, balloon modeling, character mascots, traditional games and activities and taylor made activities including full scale activities to engage the public.
Please have a look at our videos on you tube and our Facebook page.
Clare (founder), talking to SNTB, has always worked with children and after time as a children’s entertainer decided to set up on her own:
I wanted to find something that I loved that combined the early years ethos of play and learning with some kind of children’s activities.
Magical Birthday Dust was born.

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