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Once upon a Magical Birthday Dust Dream ………………….

Once upon a time there was a girl with a head full of curls who loved to make children smile & giggle. Her friends called her Clare Bear, she travelled all across the land looking for children to share her fun & games with. She went to schools, S.E.N schools, Nurseries, even sailed across the waters on ferries and cruise liners, entertaining children on the seas.

Clare Bear made so many friends, mystical mermaids, cheeky pirates, witches, wizards, blushing fairies, princesses, super heroes, elf’s & giants.

After 8 years Clare bear realised that she had given smiles & giggles to the lives of thousand’s of children and that thought made her so happy that she got the idea to recreate the recipe for a special potion so that she could bring these smiles & giggles to thousands more children and show her friends how they too can bring smiles & giggles to children.

So Clare Bear got to work…..


  • A dash  of fun,
  • a splash of passion,
  • 2  giants tablespoons of creativity,
  • a scoop of superhero pizzazz,
  • a flower from the fairy garden,
  • two golden mermaid scales crushed into dust,
  • a pinch of rainbow dust,
  • and finally the echo of thousands of giggles from all the children she met, captured in a mermaids shell.

She poured it into a beautiful bottle & labelled it

‘Magical Birthday Dust’

She went to tell all friends of the wonderful news and share with them the recipe of Magical Birthday Dust. They were so excited that they decided they would love to come & join in the fun & play games with the children too.

To be continued………….

You can contact Clare Bear & her friends to come and sprinkle some Magical Birthday Dust on you to give you smiles, giggles & some fantastic fun memories that will stay with you forever.



Magical Birthday Dust is not just for Birthday’s it is for your special occasion, celebration or any place that children are waiting to be cheered :.)