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Hello Kitty the cutest little bob tailed cat in town, is ever so increasingly popular.

When we first laid eyes on this simplistically, adorable little character it became apparent that this little cutie was appealing and popular within the early years age group. In that moment we knew we had to have our very own Hello Kitty look-alike mascot character for our parties and events.

So off we went! We searched and searched and finally found the one we were delighted with.

Ta Da!!!!!!

I introduce to you our Pink Heart Kitty


However while we were hunting for her we discovered that her popularity seemed to extend far greater than the early years age group.

Now, we wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of our Pink heart Kitty’s love. So our Pink heart Kitty is NOW available for visits for adults & teens as well as children of all ages.

If you love Kitty, our kitty is available to love you too.  :.)

For further information on our mascot character visits including our Cheeky Cherubs sing a long & action fun

you can email Clare Bear info@magicalbirthdaydust.com