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have you ever wondered why snakes have no legs? or why Zebra’s have stripes?

Asking why is the first step in discovery, uncover the magical mysteries as you ask why, why, why why why? 🙂

Enjoy the funky Tinga Tinga Tales party dance song remix as you read 🙂

I recently discovered ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ which appeared to be these lovely traditional East African folk tales for children with hidden learning intentions.  So, off I went to do a little more digging.

What is Tinga Tinga??  Tinga Tinga is a name for a well-known painting art style from Tanzania, East Africa which was started in 1968 by Edward Saidi Tingatinga aka (Tinga Tinga)

While on her travels around east Africa, Claudia LLoyd discovered these wonderful African folk tales then by what I would call massive synchronicity she then discovered ‘Tinga Tinga art school society’ and married the two together to bring us ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ –   vola!! the cbeebies creation was born.

These tales and art work have now been brought into colourful book form, animation and onto the stage in a live musical format.          Yeah for us!!!

You can find more information on the wonderful history of this amazing art style and the history of ‘Tinga Tinga Tales’ on the links below

giving back to Africa where it all began click here

Hope you enjoyed 🙂