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Cakey pops 


When I saw these little treats I got all excited and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop singing  the songs from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Feel free to play the song while you read the rest of the post, it really is a lot of fun!! ha ha

Deliciously scrummy, these little cakey pops are perfect for your special occasion

and just like Haribos –

kids and grown ups love em so

Why not treat the guests at your wedding to some classy little cake pops

Cakey Pops

Our favourite suggestion –

 Children’s party or event? these portions are perfect size for children, easy to eat and how about this, much more appealing than a slice of cake thats covered in….**#***# ( well you know what I was going to say) no candles to be blown out on these little cakey pops, phew!!!! ha ha ha

Perfect!! why not order a batch with your next party package?


Thomas the tank engine, cakey pops MBD

having a pink princess hello Kitty party?? add some cute little kitty cakey pops we could even get our character mascot to hand them out to the children 🙂

Spider man themed cakey pops

Pirate & fairy themed cakey pops MBD

They come in an array of colours, styles, themes and a variety of delicious fillings including vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, red velvet and for the adults Baileys.

Are you licking your lips already? :>P

Get in touch to find out how easily you can grab some scrummy cakey pops