Smurfs go shopping- London, Westfields, Shepards Bush


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Smurfs Go Shopping!!!

magical Birthday dust the smurfs 2 shopping london wesfeilds

Whoooo!!  As you know we have friends from all walks of life, from mermaids to wizards!  But did you know that Some of our little Blue friends will be visiting the Westfeilds shopping centre – Shepards Bush this Saturday 15th June & Sat 22nd for the global Smurfs day. They will be saying hello, doing some shopping and getting you all super excited for the release of their new movie! On the 22nd you can enjoy a fun packed activity day of music, face painting, meet your favourite Smurf, photo booth and lots of other fun activities!

magicalbirthdaydust smurfs2 global smurfs day wesfields- shepards bush

magicalbirthdaydust smurfs2 global smurfs day
wesfields- shepards bush


Thats right! you can bring your little ones down to the shopping plaza this Saturday 15th & 22nd June and let them meet some of their favourite smurf & Smurfette characters.

So we look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to go to the official smurfs website for fun & games

Click here for all the other fantastic Smurf activities & information going on


The Baby Show 2013 – What we enjoyed


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If you are thinking of going to the next baby show have a read of what we thought were some of the high lights:

So apart from getting an amazing face lift from smiling at the cutsi babies awww312313_10151463067944429_346031693_n
here are some other great features :

The amazing baby change area which was sponsored by Nappies to go, giving  FREE Pampers nappies, free use of the pampers whipes and the use of their awesome Stokke changing stands, inclusive of sink and sanitizers was a really great and popular feature of the event. With the reviews from parents being very appreciative of this service and of course unlimited use, which was needed for all those babies bottoms :0)

baby change area at the baby show 2013 excel

baby change area at the baby show 2013 excel

Right next door to this you have a fabulous feeding area, equipped with heating facilities for bottles, microwaves for food and a private area with fab and cosy recliner chairs for breast feeding or bottle feeding in privacy.

There were lots of fabulous products so but one of my favourites was the Cushi Tush chairs they even had them for little dolls, how cute!

Cushi tush baby show 2013<br /><br /><br />
magica lbirthdayd ust


and if your little darlings got hungry Annabel carmel food stand with nutrious and scrummy food ( which I sampled and BTW think they really should do these meals for adults because they are extremely tasty and I bought a couple for my own tea ha ha


and if we have not managed to get you excited enough to go to the next one. Click on the link for The Baby Show website where they have lots more information that will surely do the trick! Enjoy!!

Click here to go to The baby show website and see the next available show dates


Is it a cake ? Is it a lolly pop? no its cakey pops mmmmm


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Cakey pops 


When I saw these little treats I got all excited and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop singing  the songs from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Feel free to play the song while you read the rest of the post, it really is a lot of fun!! ha ha

Deliciously scrummy, these little cakey pops are perfect for your special occasion

and just like Haribos –

kids and grown ups love em so

Why not treat the guests at your wedding to some classy little cake pops

Cakey Pops

Our favourite suggestion –

 Children’s party or event? these portions are perfect size for children, easy to eat and how about this, much more appealing than a slice of cake thats covered in….**#***# ( well you know what I was going to say) no candles to be blown out on these little cakey pops, phew!!!! ha ha ha

Perfect!! why not order a batch with your next party package?


Thomas the tank engine, cakey pops MBD

having a pink princess hello Kitty party?? add some cute little kitty cakey pops we could even get our character mascot to hand them out to the children 🙂

Spider man themed cakey pops

Pirate & fairy themed cakey pops MBD

They come in an array of colours, styles, themes and a variety of delicious fillings including vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, red velvet and for the adults Baileys.

Are you licking your lips already? :>P

Get in touch to find out how easily you can grab some scrummy cakey pops

The funny things Children say & do


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While playing on the Wii with my nephew: In joking conversation I asked him-

 Are you pulling my leg???

to which his face dropped, his eyes became enlarged in shock, then shaking is his head, in a very serious voice he said:

nooo I wouldn’t dare

to which I laughed at his seriousness and asked

why not?

he replied

because of all the blood


ha ha ha too cute!

share your funny stories with us here or get in touch

The funny things children say & do


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Children make laugh with the things they say & do

While working as a TA I remember working with one of my key groups on a cut and stick project. While glancing through the magazines one of the children Gabriella calls to me while pointing at the page –


Miss! Look Miss, this pig is wearing high heel boots just like yours

flat,550x550,075,fThe pigs boots were something like this ha ha and my boots were indeed also like this ha ha

share your stories with us here or leave us a comment


Raising inspired children – with Dr Joe Dispenza


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Evolve your Child’s Brain

Are you are parent/guardian/teacher/nanny or just someone interested in this or our future generation????

Watch this video from Dr Joe Dispenza. We would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


Come & play!! summer fun with Magical Birthday Dust


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in partnership with

Bringing the community of Ealing Broadway two fabulous and engaging children’s activity sessions, packed full of fun!!

Have a look at what we got up too 🙂 

A big thank you to all the wonderful parents & children that came down to join us!!! 🙂 xx



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******Magical Birthday Dust Presents******

Two fabulous sessions of soft play & entertainment completely FREE just for you!!!!!

Come along & play! We can’t wait to see you 🙂

You can register your interest on the link FREE KIDS CLUB REGISTER HERE